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It would be good to know how the site is used, or you feel it is lacking in any areas or too focused on particular themes.

Sample of some of the feedback received via email & other means:

I have been living in England-Teddington just seven months this site made the adaptation process much more easier and I already love this place as if i had been living here longer. All my spanish family than came for visit also loved this place and I use to send them the links from teddingtontown to keep them updated with what is happening around. Thanks

The ‘net is so often described in negative terms so it’s great to see a site, volunteer driven, that’s more polished and vibrant than so many professional community sites that are out there. We’ve lived in Teddington nearly 10 years; this site has shown us there’s so much more to this place than we’ve known of. Don’t stop.

I have recently discovered your website – It’s fantastic! A brilliant resource for all who love Teddington!!!

What a delight to see the town I live in have such a relevant & vibrant online presence – @Teddington_Town and

I am writing to congratulate you on a very informative and well presented local website. I log on to the site frequently and – on the advice of my grandson – have now saved it to my list of ‘favourites’ for ease of access. Thank you for your attention, and thank you once more for your excellent website.

You are doing a really good job with the website – it looks so professional and is easy to navigate around. I also learnt quite a few things from the ‘Trivia’ page (so did my husband and he has lived here for over 50-years!).

I should like to record a few words of thanks to you, dear Editor, for single-handedly making the Teddington website what it is. It’s attractively designed, easily navigable, interesting, well written, informative, bang up to date, and comes with some excellent images. It’s a quality product, a credit to the town, and an essential part of the community. Thank you for all your efforts.

99 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Just heard that the Kings Head/Auberge is to change hands. Hope it retains the same standard as before. I visit my relatives in Teddington and have fond memories of the place.
    Bob from Perth, WA

  2. Hi Bob, yes the Kings Head changed hands last year – considerable investment has been made to changing around the layout and upgrading the whole restaurant – some pics here and review here – it’s proving very popular with the locals.

  3. I think this is an excellent local website, please keep up the good work!

    Just wonder if I am right in thinking that the Channel 5 cricket highlights feature Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club? Certainly looks like it!

    • Thanks for the comments Harry. Do you mean there was a particular episode that featured Hampton Wick Cricket Club or it’s shown in the credits etc?

      • Just in the credits, clubhouse and volunteers shown as part of the Natwest commitment to local cricket. If you look at start of Channel 5 programmes on the England vs India tests (available on the Channel 5 website) think you will see what I mean.

  4. I know I am not local but my wife and I worked at the Paint Research Station in the late 60’s. My wife lived at 19, The Causeway from 1940 to about ’48 where her father had a shoe repair business. I know The Causeway has changed a lot since my wife lived there and I am wondering if anybody has photographs of the Causeway from this time.

    Nigel from Cornwall

    • Nice to hear from you Nigel. The only photo of The Causeway I could find from that those years was 1953 shot of Sims (still going strong but owner Graham died recently).

      There’s also this pic from the 20’s and no date on this one but looks like it’s from just after the turn of the century (tram in background but not a trolley bus) – bit before your time!

      The Paint Research Association looked quite run down before it was knocked down and is now a shiny new RHP office and quite a contrast to the old cottages opposite.

      • Many Thanks. My wife is now dredging her memory as to the shops that were there when she was there. She remembers playing in the remains of Libbys sweet shop ( if it was Libbys then)after all the windows were blown out by the bomb.

        • 3 years on and no further forward on finding information about my wife’s father who had a shoe repair business in The Causeway in the 40’s. He was an ARP warden in Teddington during WW11. Does anybody know if there are any records for ARP wardens?

    • Hi, thanks for the info – I used to live right by the river crane and it has some very pretty stretches and (did) have lots of life.

      Such a shame that the accident has lead to a huge loss of river life. I’m surprised it hasn’t been much in the national media too.

    • Hi Mike, some info here. Basically the brewery have pulled the plug on the this site after trying out many different landlords.

      It appears as though the site might sold to developers and turned into housing.

    • Hi Mike , Sad to hear that the Dowger has closed, I was born opposite to the pub and had my first pint in the jug and bottle bar. How Teddington has changed

  5. The Anglers Teddington
    Firework night, fire eaters, music, bonfire from 6pm, in aid of Help for Heroes
    Teddingtons first Ice Rink!!! Comes to The Anglers on December 1st, look out for the info

    • Hi Ian, we’re not totally sure! Some have mentioned that they don’t like walking on the cobbles that are at each gate but they might just be generally afraid of the amount of traffic outside each gate and just stick to the grasslands inside the park.

      • Hi Ian, having asked those in the know, apparently the fact that their food is contained within the park is (mostly) enough reason to stay in there. Perhaps they might venture out if there was lush greenage outside the park but the mixture of tarmac, roads and houses doesn’t really entice them away from their food source.

        Cobbles aren’t related to this effect!

  6. lovely to know that the Chez Gerrard ‘brassiere’ is no longer. No doubt what was on the writer’s mind when he was updating that post

  7. Why is Teddington still being referred to as being in Middlesex when it’s not been part of this county for many years?

    • Hi Gary,

      Although Middlesex isn’t actually a county any longer (being divided up by Greater London, Surrey etc), it’s still accepted as an area name and postal county or optional component of the address – most people still list it on addresses and websites have Middlesex on their list of counties to select in addresses.

  8. Back in the 1970 I worked at Park House, Station Road. I seem to remember we used a pub called the Bricklayers Arms(?) that I thought was close to the rear entrance to the station. I have not lived in the area for over 40 years but last weekend visited again for old time sake. I tried to find the pub but see that a lot of the area has been redeveloped into a garden centre and units. There is an existing building that was a cheese shop but that is also now closed. Does anyone know what happened to this pub?

    • Hi Colin, I worked in Park House until last year when we moved to London and the landlord started work turning it into the hotel! Great view from up on the top floors!

      I was talking to someone else recently who worked there when it was the Barclays training suite and by all accounts at the cutting edge of technology in the studio!

      I didn’t know there used to be a pub where the garden centre is – the only Arms I know of nearby is the Builder’s Arms on Field Lane.

      The Cheese shop is open, probably just closed early or totally when you visited – I think this is the only old or original building that remains from when it’s industrial past (can’t quite remember some sort of yard, coal yard, diary?)

  9. Very interesting site Ed but the Paint Research Association site is not a shiny new Council office building being build by and for RHP, an independent registerd charity.

    You place the Builders Arms in Field Avenue which should of course be Field Lane.

    None of this, however, detracts from the site which is a must for those living in the area.

  10. Would love to have a fountain built in the area between waldergrave road and the high street…could we start an on line petition…it could be called the jubilee fountain…any thoughts…where does one start .

  11. This site looks a great advcocay for the Teddington area and facility. May I take this opportunity to inform the public about an exciting OPEN DAY for 4 different clubs! involved in watersports at Trowlock Way next to Teddington School on Sunday 13 May 2-4.30 pm TW11 9QY.

  12. Great site – I use it daily….
    I jointly manage Teddington Athletic Under 10’s ( Under 11 next season ) and we are looking for new players. We play Saturday Mornings and train on Thursday evenings. Players need to be starting school year 6 in September. Trials to be held on the 19th and 26th May.. Is there any way to put a notice up on here.
    Website is


    Neil Harrison

  13. Great site. Does anybody know what 164 highstreet (now Hamptons) was originally? Tried to look in old trade directories – no luck

    • Thanks Janie, by originally do you mean previously? This was another estate agents before Hamptons – Fielding Gould.

  14. By previously i am meaning much longer back than that, from when it was build. I know it wasn’t always an estate agency alhough at least the last 3 businesses have been. Thanks

    • Ah OK, I have asked the History Group of the Teddington Society to see if they have any info for you and generally asked on Twitter – we’ll see what everyone comes up with.

      • Hi Janie, response from the Historical Group is that it was a greengrocers They have checked our records and find that the premises, No. 164 High Street, was used as a greengrocer or fruiterer since at least 1910.

        Up to 1953 the business was run by the Kirby family and prior to Fielding Gould it was run by one Evans, greengrocer (according to Fielding Gould when they spoke to them in 2010).

  15. Many thanks – I’ve been trying to work out for ages what it was, wondered if it had been a post office as the post box is quite close. The directories all mention names and not numbers so it’s been difficult to work out what it was.

    Thanks janieb

  16. Hi,

    Went to Bloated Mallard in Teddington last night and found it looking very shut. Have u heard anything ?


  17. Hi All – while walking our two dogs last night in the North lane/ Park Lane area, I noticed quite a number of patches of a whiteish powder around the bases of trees, lamposts walls etc. Its still there this morning. Does anyone know what it might be ? – my concern was that it could be some form of rat poson or suchlike and obvious consequences for cats and dogs. We’re pretty new to the area, so I wanted to find out. Cheers – Alan.

  18. I’m considering buying a ground floor flat in teddington, on the twickenham road near grove gardens. It’s very near the river, about 100meters, can anybody give any comments on the flooding risk around there?. Does the river overflow ever cross over the twickenham road and flood homes? any info gratefully received

  19. Hello and first of all I’d like to say what a great web-site !

    I’ve lived in Teddington for many yeas, first in Springfield Road and now in Atbara Road. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of Police / Ambulance sirens, are there more emergencies or are the sirens louder than they were ? Some days Teddington sounds more like a war zone than the quiet suburb it really is.

  20. What a great display of flags in the High Street during the Olympics – I even attempted the competition organised by La Casa del Habano – any news of the results (and answers)?

    • Hi Emma, word from La Casa Del Habano is that prizes are still being handed out but some aren’t coming forward to collect so there still might be a chance for a prize!

      No-one got 100%, highest score was 92/93 and it seems as though children did better than the adults.

      Will post the answers when they’re available.

  21. The photo of “A group of students from the first group tour, 1960′s” when the Broom Road School I think I recognised a couple of the chaps on view.Did I see Keith and Trevor White?

  22. The planning dept at Richmond Council have received an application from a major supermarket chain wanting to open a convenience store on the corner of Langham Road and Teddington High Street. I’m not happy about it. Are you?
    Have your say on the planning dept page ref: 12/3584/FUL

  23. I am trying to contact three former residents of Teddington. We all lived here in the 70s and went to Kneller Grils School in Twickenham. I am looking for Jane Brackley, Susan Brown and Sylvia Symons (Allan). If anyone recognises the names and havs any information then I would be greatful to know.


  24. Is it just me or is anyone else disgusted by the amount of spitting onto the pavements I see from the St Mary’s runners you see jogging down Waldegrave Rd towards Busy Park. Really needs to stop but St Mary dont seem too interested after I spoke to them!?

  25. Hi everyone, I am new to Teddington and have started a Business Referral Club. We meet once a month in a local restaurant at 7 a.m for breakfast, and listen to a speaker.
    Apart from paying £6 for the meal there is no more to pay. We always have a good meal followed by a lively discussion..
    We do encourage members to meet one another in between the monthly meetings to get to know each other better.
    If you would like to hear more, drop me a line and I will send you the details.
    Thank you, and well done to the TBC

    Michael Lloyd
    07 552 760 992

  26. I would like to get my public meeting publicised on a few local community sites, where should I post it as I am not sure, or can you post it in the right place for me? It is the one about the deer cull I posted on the thread about deer and dogs in the park.

  27. I welcome any organisation which delves into the history and background of an area. Unfortunately not all are like minded and when our historiographer approached The Park in 2011, prior to the Royal wedding, he received short shrift from them. He had the details of Royal wedding breakfast held at the Clarence. The party travelled by train and used the path connecting the station and the Clarence. The last remains of this path was grubbed out about 2 years ago. He also had details about events which took place at the Clarence, including the visits of the French “Princes”, Orleans etc. The Park was not interested and most probaly because of his age, he is in his 90’s, thought he was suffering from dementia. He still gives talks on other matters, I heard one of his talks on Saturday 22nd June. A pity that the people of Teddington have been denied the chance to learn of their history!!!
    Tony Frankson

  28. I am writing from Tasmania, Australia and not sure if this is the right format! My grandmother, Daisy Wells, came from Teddington to Tasmania as a war bride when she married my grandfather Charles Anderson Dobson. She left behind a twin sister and I believe never saw her family again, dying in her 50s. I just wondered if there is anyone out there who may remember her and her twin or a descendant of said twin. I know its a long shot but I remain ever hopeful. Dianne Scetrine (nee Dobson)

  29. Hi there
    Any info on proposed haymarket/pinewood redevelopment of teddington riverside into housing, that I’ve just seen about on richmond twickenham times site? Didn’t know there were plans to redevelop here, and could change the landscape of Teddington Lock area massively!

    Souynds like would be good to get Teddington community actively involved…

    I love your site by the way, I’m a regular browser if I wan to know what’s going on!



    • Thanks Jennie, article about this about to hit the site! Agree on the changes – it’s a pretty big site and another big injection of housing in to the area, on balance (if Haymarket so leave) it will probably mean a lot less daytime trade for local businesses but more evening/weekend.

      If this view & area of riverside is opened up then locals will definitely appreciate it.

  30. Hey everyone,

    I am a responsible, enthusiastic and reliable student looking for baby-sitting work in and around the Teddington area.

    I have previous experience in baby-sitting and caring, which includes first aid training.

    Please give me a shout if anyone needs any help with child care during the day or the evenings,

    Many thanks,

    Beanie Goldsmith


  31. Hi I live at Queens house Little queens road and the parking here – gosh dont know where to start – everybody who works at tesco and want to shop at tesco park here, anyone who wants to use the the gypm park here, people who want to catch a train park here, a green car with a woman and child will park there everyday in the morning for hours, the people on the main road (queens road) will park here too… want to visit Teddington hospital park here … going for a holiday park your car here for weeks… car broken down and not taxed….why dont we invite the whole of teddington to park here too !!!!! there is room for everybody on this road – especially when it clearly says parking for residents at Queens House only. I live here and at times there is no parking where I live – but there is certainly parking for people who dont – i would love to take my car and park it their driveway.

  32. I work for a local business in teddington called school website. I think teddington is a nice area. The parking is a nightmare, I seems like people are happy to park where they like. I often struggle to find good parking spaces in teddington. Also think some of the shops in the area charge stupid prices just to eat something inside.

  33. Hi fellowresidents,

    Hasn´t anybody noticed those unsightly Tardis-like BT boxes in the streets or don´t we care any longer about the environment? One of them just recently landed outside our garden without any prior notice whatsoever and it looks as if the culprits BT Openreach have been given a free hand by our dear Council to site them anywhere they fancy. Everyone appears to be shrugging their shoulders and you could well be the next victim – Any help or views on this would be welcome.

    • The council has no jurisdiction over this, the following is from BT Openreach website:
      Do you need planning permission before installing cabinets?
      Planning permission is not usually required, with the exception of sites in national parks, conservation areas and other areas of special interest. Under Part 24 of the Town & Country Planning Act BT as a Code Operator has deemed planning permission to install Cabinets so no notification at the planning stage is required in most cases under this piece of legislation. However if the Cabinet is to be installed in Article 1 (5) land i.e. National Parks , Conservation Areas etc then a Prior Notification application must be sent to the Local Planning Authority (LPA). They then decide if the application has to go through the process and if it does they have 56 calendar days in which to consult interested parties and consider the application. The LPA can refuse the application on the grounds of siting and appearance only. However if no written rejection has been received within the 56 days installation can commence. Under Para 5 of the Electronic Communications Code (Conditions and Restrictions) Regulations 2003 BT must notice the LPA of our intention to install any Cabinet. The LPA do not have the power to veto any site but they can request conditions to be attached to the installation and they have up to one calendar month to do this. However BT can reject these conditions if they feel they are not reasonably practicable. In order to install the Cabinets BT must notice the Highway Authority via the New Roads & Street Works Noticing system when they intend to work in the street. This allows the Highway Authority to ensure there is no clash with other Utilities who may be working in the same area and so avoid any unnecessary congestion.

  34. Hello Teddington – I just wondered if I’m the only person who notices how people never say thank-you when wait to let them through in their cars in Teddington – not sure why? I have to say I saw red the other day when I waited some considerable time for Park Lane Stables to come down the road they had little ones so I didn’t want to freak out the horses and not one person said thank you? It would appear they never do!! I also thought that if they are licencing dog walkers in the park and they can only have four dogs have the licenced the Stables as I also noticed yesterday that someone fell off the horse and it was cantering around without any type of control? I believe that if there is one rule for one then it should be across the board, so four dogs to a professional then no more than 4 horses.

    Thoughts would be very welcome.

    • Hi Mandy,

      I am surprised to hear that – I see Park Lane Stables staff and riders regularly waving to traffic to thank them for waiting on Park Lane or crossing Queens & other roads (I see this from my window every day). Perhaps each helper or rider thought another had acknowledged you. Not sure what you mean by they never do?

      The dog license is to prevent walkers controlling more than 4 dogs per dog handler so it doesn’t really make sense to apply a number to horses in a hack – they usually have plenty of helpers guiding inexperienced riders in the park. If you see them without many helpers then it’s because the rider has more experience, but very occasionally a horse can get spooked and misbehave nonetheless.

  35. I live in Teddington and I always wave to people when they let me out of turning and normally get a wave when I let them out – it is really annoying when people don’t though!

    With regards to the riders from Park Lane stables, on the occasions I passed them in Park Road on the way to Bushy park, I have to say that the last rider has always acknowledged me waiting or slowing with a wave so perhaps you were unlucky on this occasion.

    The comparison of number of dogs to a dog walker and number of horses is not really realistic. There is one rider to each horse albeit sometimes inexperienced. There is evidence in the past that some (not all) dog walkers are unable to cope with a large number of animals and cannot keep them under control. This could have potentially serious consequences when walking in Bushy park in rutting season or in June/July when the young deer are born and the females are particularly defensive. Indeed there have well publicised incidents of deer attack on lone dogs with their owners whilst on a lead so a pack of dogs off the lead is not a good idea.

  36. Was thinking it would be great if the empty Bottoms Up shop could be turned into a uniform shop, Twickenham and Whitton have one so why can’t we? It could sell Football, Rugby, Ballet, Guides and Scout Kit as well as school uniform.

  37. Thoght you might like some flood poetry

    The Thames in flood

    The mighty Thames today did flood.
    In Chertsey folks are shovelling mud.
    In Shepperton folks go by boat
    And Hampton Wick is all afloat.

    Cars are floating,
    As for boating, only swans and ducks go out.
    Twenty knots below the weir!
    Don’t think we’ll go boating, dear.

    Politicians scratch their heads –
    No more housing! We’ll be dead.
    The key to immigration, dear,
    Is locked inside the dreaded weir.

  38. hi Tried signing the petition to stop the plane trials but the link seems not to be working!

    Please could you look into it as I want to sign up? Thanks!

  39. My husband and I hoped to sign the petition here against the aircraft trials, but the address form would not accept our address, stating the property number was ‘invalid’. I don’t think it unreasonable to dispute this as the property has been here for many more years than we have! Our objections have been emailed directly to Heathrow, so we hope this will suffice.

  40. I hear from flooded residents of Staines upon Thames, that the Environment Agency has a whizz plan to cure the flooding in Staines, (which was of course not the result of the Jubilee river, which we all note stopped Maidenhead flooding this winter, rumours of a sluice opened on the Jubilee river on the night of Staines flooding are of cause just that!), the plan – extend the Jubilee river twice, so all that nasty excess water enters the Thames again, at wait for it … Teddington! If the flood tide doesn’t get us next time … we can wait for the Jubilee extension to. Think the environment agency needs to be questioned about this and asked to share their plans with Teddington, Twickenham etc….

  41. Hello.. Not sure if I’ve come to the right place to ask but I have just moved into elfin lodge and was wondering if any of the locals had an old photos regarding the property and the garden. Parties, sunbathing, aerial shots and anything else to show the history of the old cottage hospital and the dispensary.

    I have found very little for a building that has been in use since the mid 18th century.
    Thank you

    Mr Haveland

    • Hi Harlon, nice building with a lot of history!

      There are some photos & plans collated here by the Teddington Society, one of a shop, could this be the dispsensary? I have another shot of this shop and it was called Sages so not sure if that was linked to the hospital or not.,_Elfin_Lodge.

      If you’re after more photos or info, Ken Howe in the History group of Ted Society is knowledgeable and ask his group. You might also want to visit Twickenham Museum as they have many photos and resources in house (not online I think).

  42. I lived in Teddington until 1975, working at the Admiralty Research Laboratory. My father was born in Laburnum Cottages, Gomer Road Teddington in 1910. Does anyone has pictures of that area around that year? He was Sidney Sibley, son of George and Mary Jane Sibley. Grandad was a milk carrier for a Teddington dairy. Any info gladly received.

    • Great reading messages here and was wondering if anyone has any old photos of the parade of shops in waldegrave road teddington where I was born and brought up.My parents ran the fish and chip shop on waldegrave road that was then known as pauls plaice fond childhood memories! Johnpaul.

  43. I went to your site looking for shops having to do with home and gardens and was very surprised not to find a category called homes and gardens, or even homewares. Is this because you don’t have any homeware shops in Teddington?


    • Hi Obra, we will be updating our Business Directory very soon and we hope to feature shops with associated with homes and gardens. Should be up and running in the next couple of weeks.

      Many thanks


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